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RégimA - Centella Scar Treatment Programme

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Centella Scar Treatment Programme
Price: £49.95
Points per product: 150
Size: Centella Scar Treatment 15ml Scar Repair 15ml Microporous Tape 24mm x 10M

Achieve a more aesthetically pleasing scar by helping to prevent exaggerated scarring

RégimA Centella Scar Treatment addresses the four most important factors in scar tissue formation

1. Inflammation
Swelling of the immediate scar area is inevitable as a result of the activity of various cell hormones released in and around the fresh scar.  Too much swelling and resulting increased permeability of the immediate scar area can result in the accumulation of a highly concentrated fibrogen gel, which can mature into a thick, dense, binding scar. In some cases the inflammatory phase may go on for months and even years leaving the patient with a swollen, red, warm and painful scar.  It is essential therefore, that excessive inflammation be prevented during scar treatment. Bulbinella Frutescens, a plant indigenous to Southern Africa and known for its moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties, has been incorporated into the RégimA Centella Scar Treatment.  The fatty vesicles of glyco-protein obtained from the plant extract remain on the skin surface and when applied over micro porous tape, hydration and occlusion of the wound is achieved, which is essential in this crucial inflammatory phase.

2. Healthy Enhanced Wound Healing
It is the primary function of the clinician to first apply basic techniques to ensure wound healing.  This involves the usual support of the wound (taping, stitching, immobilisation, antibiotics etc).  It has been found, however, that even mild to sub-clinical shortages of pantothenic acid in tissue, resulted in poor wound healing.  Adding Pro-Vitamin B5 to the formula ensures sufficient amounts of pantothenic acid in the immediate wound area to enhance wound healing.  This, combined with the healing properties of arnica and St John’s Wort, helps promote more rapid and healthy wound healing.

3. Increased Collagen I Synthesis with Anti-Keloid Effect
The Centella Asiatica plant, indigenous to Southern Africa, is renowned for its wound healing properties and as a prevention of keloid (ugly scar) formation. RégimA Scar Treatment has been formulated with the triterpenic fraction from Centella Asiatica carried in phospholipid liposomes.   Liposomes consist of micro “hollow” fatty droplets, containing the active ingredients.   These liposomes are known to penetrate deep into the skin, carrying with them the active Centella components, along with other powerful ingredients.   Once into the skin, the liposomes “fall apart”; thereby releasing their valuable load into the cell.   Centella exhibits wound healing and anti-inflammatory activities with a group of triterpenes called asiaticosides which possess strong antioxidant properties and which stimulate the formation of lipids and proteins necessary for healthy skin. RégimA Centella combines hydration with the promotion of enhanced wound healing.   Centella has the ability to influence the inflammatory process in wound healing.   It promotes Type I and Type III collagen homeostasis.   An immature, thickened scar is characterised by a prolonged inflammatory phase and an abundance of Type III collagen. Centella helps promote balanced collagen production, achieving improved wound healing and scar formation.   Scientific literature indicates Centella may stop the conversion of the mature fibrocytes to myofibroblasts, which is the cell type known to be associated with thickened, keloid type scars.

4. Control of Stretching Forces
Scars undergoing constant tension, movement and stretching may result in broader scars or scars that remain immature and become hypertrophic. A scar needs to mature as quickly as possible without thickening and contraction (when too much collagen is formed).   For this to be possible, one should apply a contact medium, applying pressure and allowing the powerful Centella to penetrate and heal the wound. A perfect contact medium (paper tape) is one which allows hydration and healing.

In clinical practice, a reduction in scar width has been shown with continuous taping as opposed to having the scar untaped.    The application of a paper tape applies sufficient pressure to support the wound and thus help prevent stretching.   The tape should be micro-porous, applying pressure while allowing penetration of the wound healing ingredients in the Centella Scar Cream.   The tape is then impregnated with the potent Centella Scar preparation and so works as a slow release medicine to the scar.

The combination of RégimA Centella Scar Treatment applied over the tape ensures that the essential steps required for enhanced wound healing have been taken.



Centella Scar Treatment Programme
Price: £49.95
Points per product: 150
Size: Centella Scar Treatment 15ml Scar Repair 15ml Microporous Tape 24mm x 10M

Centella Asiatica, Bulbinella Frutescens, Pro-Vitamin B5, St John's Wort, Liposomes, Vitamin F, Babazo Oil

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