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Digital Surface Imaging Clinics - 360° 3D Image Capture: Complexion Analysis & Consultation

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360° 3D Image Capture: Complexion Analysis & Consultation
Price: £180.00
Points per product: 0
Size: BODY



VISIA Skin Analysis

VISIA Report

In a private and clinical environment the DSI Image Consultant will first take a 3D digital surface image, 360 degrees of capture of the front, back and sides of your body using the VECTRA3D, and then whilst that is being processed you will have the 2D facial complexion analysis via the VISIA®, which will address the left, right and front of the face.
This combination gives you an unparalleled view of your skin health and quality in conjunction with the 3 Dimensional contours of your body.
Having collected these two datasets, the DSI Image Consultant will then present the 3D body dynamic to you, and using the Mirror Suite/VAM application software use both 2D and 3D simulation programmes to sculpt your body image in accordance with the aims and objectives that you may have to improve your contours and overall skin quality
During the course of the consultation you will be able to see comparisons between your actual image and the simulated improved image of yourself.
When you leave the DSI Clinic, as all the data (3D data set and 2D complexion analysis file) belongs to you* it will be burned onto a CD/DVD, together with a copy of the freeware 3D VECTRA viewer software for you to take with you; plus you will receive a folder containing a print of a set of 8 x 2D images and two A4 prints of the 3D simulation, (typically comparing current view with target view), which you can share with an aesthetic practitioner, cosmetic surgeon, GP or your family and friends.
We see the DSI Clinic session as being an annual event, whereby further consultations can be provided as a comparison with the previous body dynamic.
Important Information:
  • 360 degree image capture only available in London clinic
  • The DSI Clinic is currently open from 09:00 – 18:00, Monday through to Friday.
  • The DSI Clinic session including consultation will last 30 minutes.
  • You may bring a relative, friend or partner with you.
  • You will be required to complete a short questionnaire which addresses your consent to be imaged. It will be necessary to bring the consent form when attending at the session; (if forgotten a new one may be completed at the clinic on the day). This form will be supplied with the DSI Clinic voucher received from ConsultingRoomShop.com.
  • On receipt of the DSI Clinic voucher from ConsultingRoomShop.com you will be required to make an appointment direct with a DSI clinic. All contact details will be included with the voucher.
  • The DSI Clinic is situated near Harley Street in Central London.

*The DSI Clinic is covered by Data Protection laws and will not use or disseminate any of your images without your written permission. You may choose to have your images stored on file with the DSI clinic as an archived record, or have them destroyed following your visit. The latter will mean that you hold the only copy of the data so you will not be able to request duplicate copies at a later date should you require them.

For more information on VISIA® and VECTRA3D technologies, please click on Detailed Product Info.
Click here to view detailed product information on 360° 3D Image Capture: Complexion Analysis & Consultation

360° 3D Image Capture: Complexion Analysis & Consultation
Price: £180.00
Points per product: 0
Size: BODY
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The Digital Surface Imaging Clinics - 360° 3D Image Capture: Complexion Analysis & Consultation is a complimentary (post-procedure) treatment and/or alternative at-home treatment for the following professional in-clinic surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments:
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