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Ferulic Acid

Ferulic Acid, a plant antioxidant which is easily absorbed by the skin, neutralises free radicals, provides photoprotection (protection from the sun) by absorbing UV, and provides anti-inflammatory effects.


The specialised cells in the skin responsible for forming collagen are called fibroblasts.

Free Radicals

Free radicals are another contributing factor of skin ageing.

These are parts of molecules (e.g. oxygen molecules) that are found in the body. As a result of external factors, like ultraviolet radiation, nicotine or unhealthy food, the free radicals become prone to react. This means that they are constantly looking for other chemical substances to bond with. Hence, they attack the collagen fibres, cellular membrane and lipid layer of the skin. Free radicals change the inherited properties stored in the cell nucleus, so that the quality of newly formed skin cells deteriorates.

The body protects itself against these aggressors through anti-oxidant enzyme systems (antioxidants). But from the age of twenty onwards, these natural defence mechanisms gradually decline, so that the skin can no longer defend itself. Therefore, one of the basic ideas of modern anti-ageing therapy consists of making up for the deficiencies in antioxidants caused by advanced ageing by supplying the body with the appropriate vitamin supplements.

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