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SkinCeuticals - Phyto+ 30ml

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Phyto+ 30ml
Price: £63.00
Points per product: 500
Size: 30ml
Age spots on hand
Whether they appear on the hands, body or face - nobody likes the appearance of age spots/liver spots or areas of darker pigmentation (known as hyperpigmentation)that produce an uneven complexion.
There are a number of skin lightening products available via retail outlets, in professional clinics and on the Internet - many just contain single lightening ingredients, but, unfortunately, some products contain high percentages of products currently banned in Europe.

Phyto + is a botanical gel specifically designed to treat hyperpigmentation combining four active ingredients to diminish age spots and other brown discolourations and improve the overall health of the skin.

Kojic acid and arbutin, natural alternatives to hydroquinone (which shouldn't be used without a doctor's prescription) work synergistically to help break up hyperpigmentation, while cucumber and thyme contain anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to soothe red, irritated skin.

These active ingredients are delivered in a hyaluronic acid base to hydrate as they help heal, calm, and improve the appearance of the skin.

Phyto+ can also be used to help reduce erythema (redness) and to maintain results following cosmetic procedures such as superficial chemicals peels, microdermabrasion and Laser or Intense Pulsed Light skin rejuvenation.

SkinCeuticals Phyto + :

  • Specific active treatment for hyperpigmentation that can also reduce the appearance of melasma
  • Contains 4 active ingredients that work synergistically to lighten the appearance of skin and produce a more even complexion
  • Natural alternative to the chemical skin lightener hydroquinone – less likely to cause irritation
  • Contains anti-inflammatory cucumber and anti-bacterial thyme to soothe and calm irritated, red skin following minor cosmetic procedures
  • Can be used in conjunction with antioxidants and retinol
  • Can be used in conjunction with "at home" microdermabrasion treatments to speed up results
  • Ideal for all skin types
Please note that you should use a high SPF factor sunblock during and after you have lightened your skin using this product to ensure that pigment isn't stimulated again with sunlight.
Twice daily, using fingertips, apply a small amount to “age” and “sun” spots or other hyperpigmented areas affected on the face, hands or body. Ensure that you avoid the sun and use a broad spectrum sunscreen.
For more detailed information about the science behind SkinCeuticals skin lightening products please click on the adobe icon to download the PDF file (60kb).
If you do not have Adobe Reader installed click here.

Phyto+ 30ml
Price: £63.00
Points per product: 500
Size: 30ml

Active Ingredients
Cucumber Extract, Kojic Acid, Thyme Extract/Thymol, Uva-Ursi Extract/Arbutin

Water, Thyme Extract, Arbutin Glycoside, Glycerin, Uva Ursi Extract, Kojic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Cucumber Extract, Citrus Bioflavonoid Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Herbal Fragrance

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The SkinCeuticals - Phyto+ 30ml is a complimentary (post-procedure) treatment and/or alternative at-home treatment for the following professional in-clinic surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments:
(Note: Links below open in a new browser window and redirect to Treatment FAQ information on The Consulting Room™)

Chemical Peels | Laser and IPL Skin Rejuvenation | Specialist Skin Creams

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