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Theraderm - Eternox Peptide Crème 50ml

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Eternox Peptide Crème 50ml
Price: £84.00
Points per product: 500
Size: 30ml

Eternox Peptide Repair Crème decreases the appearance of wrinkles by helping to maintain natural biological mechanisms from within. This anti-aging product enhances the visual effect of Botox® and injectable wrinkle fillers.

This one-of-a-kind product provides a powerful synergy of three peptides that support natural skin health.

Two of the peptides are synthetic and based on computer modeling of enzyme control mechanisms. Soluble Keratin Peptides® are derived from natural keratin (hydrolysed wool fibers) to mimic the structure of natural peptides. A clinical research study with a product containing this peptide showed new cell growth, a 12% increase in fibroblasts, the cells in skin that manufacture ALL collagen, and a 26% increase in keratinocyte epidermal cells.

The Soluble Keratin Peptides® ingredient is protected by 31 different patents. One patent for use in prescription medical products covers its use in supporting the healing of significantly injured skin. This peptide ingredient has also been tested in medical product research for internal applications in supporting the healing of esophageal ulcers. This keratin peptide ingredient is only licensed to Theraderm for use in products as a topical cosmetic ingredient.

Combining Soluble Keratin Peptides with Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) and Matrixyl helps to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. A report received from an elderly rancher’s wife in the U.S. claimed she has personally seen an apparent reduction of loose neck skin and cobblestone-like wrinkles using Theraderm products.

Apply crème to face, eyelids and neck twice daily to lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

pH Level: Neutral (7.0)

Hydrolysed Keratin (hydrolysed wool fibers)
Act to support natural health processes that decrease the appearance of ageing in skin.
Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline)
Helps to maintain visual appearance of decreased wrinkles after physician use of injectable wrinkle-reducing or injectable filler agents.
Matrixyl Combines a blend of five amino acids and proteoglycans to help keep skin firm, resilient, and smooth feeling).
Antioxidant from extracts of grape seed and green tea leaf, alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E), and panthenol (Vitamin B6) Help to maintain natural protection and repair health mechanisms.
Hyaluronic acid, sorbitol, glycosaminoglycans, and glycerin Humectants attract and hold water within skin layers to moisturise and hydrate the skin’s outer layers.
Aloe barbadensis gel, cucumber extract, comfrey extract, chamomile flower extract, echinacea extract Support healthy skin cell renewal while making skin more comfortable.
Extracts of three red algae varieties. Provide essential trace minerals and nutrients.
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Eternox Peptide Crème 50ml
Price: £84.00
Points per product: 500
Size: 30ml

Active Ingredients
Hyaluronic Acid (Hyaluronan or Hyaluronate)

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